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Health Goals in 2020

It can be one of your best choices in 2020 to make a change in your habits and improve your fitness level. You can achieve your goals with proper motivation, knowledge, and some tips and tricks. These eleven tips will help you get started on your journey to achieving your fitness and health goals.

Define your Reason for Wanting to be Fit

It takes effort to stay healthy and fit. You must keep it up once you have achieved it. Before you begin, think about your main reason for starting to exercise. What is your motivation for starting to exercise? Do you want to live a healthier and happier life? Are you aspired to climb Mount Everest? Or do you want to trek to Machu Picchu with Lares? Is it because you want to look good at a friend’s wedding?

It will be easier to commit if you have internal motivation. External motivation can often be short-term and not enough motivation once things get difficult. Identify at least three reasons you want to exercise or be healthier, and keep it in mind when times get difficult.

Create a List of Consecutive Goals

After you have defined your reasons, make a list with realistic goals. To be successful, these goals should be simple. Pick three days a week to get on the exercise wagon. Next, plan your workouts as you would for an important meeting.

Once you have done that, create a workout plan. You could exercise three times per week, for example. Once you have crossed this goal off your list of goals, set a month-long goal to maintain this schedule. Next, work out consistently for three months straight without making excuses. You can cross off each goal you reach and move on to the next realistic and achievable goal.

Be Flexible

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, even if we have a weekly schedule. You can either go to the gym or do a quick circuit at home if you have to miss your morning HIIT or pilates class. Don’t worry if you are on a business trip and have to miss a week of your workouts. Keep going where you are at the moment, and don’t lose your motivation to keep up with your fitness routine. You must be flexible to keep your motivation high and to cope with setbacks.

Do Not Procrastinate

You shouldn’t have to miss a class twice in a row if you need to. You must set goals to ensure that you are consistent in your workouts and they become a routine. Every effort counts. You can work out in the morning if you have a long day ahead. You’ll be able to cross off your workouts and get a boost of energy as you start your day.


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