Animal Greens Since we were small, our parents have encouraged us to eat vegetables. Some vegetables we loved, some we hated. Some of us let them down. Some were forced to eat them by their parents or threatened with losing dessert. It was difficult to eat greens, as they are not sweet like sugar or savory like a hamburger, but our parents knew better. It would improve digestion. It could strengthen our immune system. It would likely reduce the number of visits to the pediatrician. It would alkalize our bodies and decrease inflammation. We’d all be healthier.

Even though you enjoy eating greens at the dinner table and it is a great way to get your body moving, the recommended daily intake is very high. This means that you will need to eat a lot of it. You’ll find it filling and monotonous, and you might start to fall short of your daily intake goal.

This is why greens powders were invented. These greens have been dried and then pulverized into powder. You can then mix it with water to enjoy. It is a good supplement to your vegetable intake. It doesn’t taste good, as they don’t say on the label. It tastes like you’re sipping on freshly cut grass. You wouldn’t drink something you don’t like, but also hate. Forget it.

Enter Animal Greens. Greens is a greens supplement that comes in a pill pack. You can find everything you would in a powder in just a few capsules or tablets. They are conveniently packed together for ease of administration. It includes ingredients such as kale and spirulina. You can eat a whole pack of Greens and still get your daily recommended intake. The packs are easy to transport. There’s no need to scoop and bag each powder individually when you’re on the move. And there is no unpleasant aftertaste or green taste.

It is 2021, and people are more concerned about their overall health, their immune system and making sure that their bodies function optimally. It all starts with how we eat and live. As your parents taught you, eat your greens. Animal Greens are a good choice.

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