Today I am writing to share my love for Bootstrap Fashion patterns and to give you some tips and techniques that I have learned from trial and error. I have always loved it when someone helps me, and I am thrilled to be able to help others find the joy of sewing and the perfect fit they desire. It’s not impossible. I promise.

Please be aware that I am often direct and humorous in my writing. This allows you to quickly get the information you need. Please understand that I don’t mean any disrespect or harm. In an attempt to be less serious, I make fun of my body and flaws most of the time.

What is Fashion and what’s all the fuss about?

Bootstrap Fashion is a great tool for seamstresses. Simply put, you simply enter your measurements and get a custom-drafted pattern to fit your needs. Did that make sense? Just your size. Yeah baby. It’s all about YOU. It’s all about you. Are you? Do you want proof it won’t yet be another pattern you have to adjust to make it work for you? Okay. Yes, I did. Let’s get going, then!

It can be difficult to find the right pattern on the website. There are many options available and they continue to expand. Today we will be discussing the Custom Fit Sewing patterns. Ed Note: Bootstrap Fashion has helpful videos that will walk you through the process. Gwen’s helpful tips and tricks will make your life easy.

Navigate to this section by going to BootstrapFashion.com. Click on the pink button to access Sewing Patterns. Click on Custom Fit Sewing patterns (upper left corner). Now browse through the patterns until finding the garment you want to make.


My sewing world has expanded since I was introduced to Bootstrap Fashion in spring 2016 by Kelly Hogaboom and her Tea & Crumpet Sew Along. I have been able quickly to make excellent fitting garments that fit my curvy body.

I am athletic and curvy. Here are some of the most common modifications I make to any pattern in order to show how Bootstrap has helped me.

* Full bust

* Full bicep

* Sometimes, wider shoulders

* Small waist (I have had as much as 15 inches between my hips and waist)

* sway back (oh dread! This is my archnemesis, and I have avoided many patterns over the years due to it!

* Protruding rear (which can also be a bit lower)

* Atypically short front crotch length

* Full thighs (my hips measure the same as mine)

* Knock knees

* protruding calves

Wow! All those words are exhausting. This made it difficult to sew, as it required hours and weeks of preparation and adjustments, and muslins that I hoped would fit. Sometimes, it felt depressing. Even though I had taken a moulage class and drafted patterns for many years, this was still a frustrating feeling. I had a lot of experience. It wasn’t working for me. It was clear to me that if I could achieve a perfect fit, I could adapt it for any pattern I had.

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