About “High Heel” Obsession


In many ways, summer is the most inspiring season. High Heel Summer is my favourite season because I can wear my favourite clothes.

High Heel

My entire wardrobe is filled with High Heel in different shapes, colours and heights. However, the past two Summers have been so wet and cold that my shoes have not seen much daylight. This Summer, I made sure every pair of High Heel got worn!

My very first diary entry was written when I was just 3-4 years old. It went along the following lines.

How I longed for the day I could wear High Heel. However, I had to wait until I turned 6 to get my first pair. My love for the beautiful and sometimes uncomfortable High Heel has not waned, as Emma Thompson said in Love Actually.

I buy heels often on a whim, but I never keep them in my closet unworn. I find the right place and situation to put my beloved shoes. Some shoes are too uncomfortable to be worn for more than 10 m. There is a place for such shoes. I like the office, because I don’t have to go further than the kitchen.

There are shoes that are so elegant and timeless that you can wear them all day. These shoes include classic, black stilettos and nude sandalettes. Although I have the perfect pair of nude shoes, I still long for Louboutin stilettos.

Although some “feminists”, claim that High Heel are another way to suppress women (seriously, nobody is forcing me into wearing them), and while sneakers can be paired with midi skirts or fancy dresses, the classic High Heel remains the best choice for dress-up occasions.

High heels don’t always mean painful blisters or aching feet, contrary to popular belief. These are my top tips for finding the perfect pair of heels to keep you stylish and classy for many years.

Choose the best time to Shop

It is best to shop for shoes at the end of each day. It might sound strange, but I am serious. Your feet will be tired and swollen when you get home from work. This makes them more sensitive to the size and shape of the shoes that are best for you. The risk of getting a shoe that is too small over time is greater if you buy shoes right after breakfast.

Make sure you invest in high-quality leather

While I try to keep my finances as tight as possible, I have come to realize that quality materials are better than cheap ones. Leather is my favorite accessory, especially for shoes. Leather is flexible material that molds to the foot. It can also be shaped according to your feet.

Take a walk around the area for a while

Take your time when you are in the store. To get a good feel for the shoes, walk around in your favorite pair. If you feel the shoes are uncomfortable, take them off and get a new pair.

I can tell you that I am a shoe-holic. It is not a good idea to buy shoes that aren’t comfortable in the store. You will feel worse when they are actually worn to an event.

Take a look at how your toes High Heel ?

While this goes along with the previous tip, I wanted to emphasize the importance in properly assessing the level comfort available at the store. From nearly 25 years of experience, I know that shoes should not be uncomfortable for your feet or toes. These shoes will not be worn.

You can experiment with different styles and heights of heel to determine the right shape. You might be surprised to learn that kitten-heels can make your heels hurt. A few centimeters less in the heel is perfect.

At home, practice walking in heels

This was something that I took seriously from a young age. My first pair of heels was my first. I used to strut around in my shoes in front of large mirrors in the hallway to practice my posture. Walking in heels isn’t as easy as walking in sneakers. You need to be careful about your posture if you want to look like a twat. Poor posture and hooked knees will result in blisters and sore back.

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