Fumikage “Tokoyami”



Tokoyami, a young man of short stature with a head that resembles a bird or a crow, is probably a raven-like creature. His beak is yellowish and slightly hooked at the ends. He also has thin, red eyes, one on each side, and a red choker that he rarely takes off. His body, despite the fact that his head is so prominent, looks more like a normal human with fair skin. Tokoyami’s internship with Hawks has made him more muscular. As a result Dabi’s flames, Tokoyami develops a scar on his left leg.

The costume is a black robe with a purple tint, which covers his entire body. It only stops halfway at his shins. He also wears black boots that are knee-high. It was revealed that he wears a black cape, a wristband, a pair baggy pants similar to those Katsuki Bakugo wore in his hero costume, as well as a utility belt with double pin buckle.

Tokoyami is Reserved and Serious 

He is also focused and focused. However, he is noble and brave. Although he doesn’t talk much, he will ignore any questions or requests that seem pointless. Tenya Ida asked him to put his feet on the desk. He talks to others as a joke. Tokoyami becomes more social when he is with others. He helps his teammates, reassures his trust, and thanks them for their efforts. Tokoyami’s strength and abilities are rarely questioned during combat.

Tokoyami Loves

Darkness and related concepts. He considers himself a “creature in the dark”, and uses archaic-sounding speech that can make him seem creepy or dramatic. Tokoyami is still a little insecure about his interests, as they are more obscure and fantastical, making them harder to relate to. Tokoyami is not known for his dark associations, but he does not display any kind of evil behavior. Tokoyami is actually very caring about his mentors and friends. If they are hurt, Tokoyami might feel angry or indignant. This could be due to his Quirk being sensitive and sensitive to his emotions.

Tokoyami is also very humble, being aware of his limits and knowing when to back off. Tokoyami takes every advice he receives seriously, and uses it to improve his Quirks and abilities. He is determined to keep up with Hawks and other top heroes. Tokoyami is not interested in fame or idolatry, but he is proud enough to not be overlooked or looked down on by others.

Although initially shy and timid, Tokoyami eventually proves to be a brave, confident young man worthy of the title “hero” when he risked his life to save Hawks from Dabi.


Fumikage’s Quirk Dark Shadow allows him to defeat top-grade villains like Moonfish effortlessly and uncontrollably.

Overall Abilities. Fumikage is consistently one of the most powerful members of Class 1-A. He often surpasses, or even equals, Katsuki and Izuku Midoriya. Fumikage was able to achieve 9th place at the U.A. because of his skills. Entrance Exam: Having the fifth-highest number of villain points, fifth in the Quirk Apprehension test, and third at the U.A. Sports Festival. Fumikage is a master at using his Quirk: Dark Shadow. He can use it to attack and defend, boost his mobility and even help in rescue operations. Fumikage has been praised by a number of prominent and powerful characters including Fat Gum, Izuku and Shoto.

He was able to put Momo Yaoyorozu (a recommended student) on the defensive and defeated her before she could fight back. Izuku observed this spectacle and commented that Fumikage was one of the most powerful people in one-on-one combat. Fumikage was able to defeat Katsuki later on. This was despite having a Quirk disadvantage and Dark Shadow not at its best. All Might acknowledged Fumikage’s strength and offered advice about how to improve it. Shoto was astonished at Fumikage’s strength, after watching his Dark Shadow defeat Moonfish. This villain kept Katsuki and him on the defensive. After watching Fumikage defeat Moonfish and then capture him, Mr. Compress was impressed by his prowess. 3 (now No. 2) Pro Hero, who was an intern at Fumikage.

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