PRESS Seltzer Votes Best Taste at Seltzerland Events


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MILWAUKEE. June 23, 2021. /PRNewswire/ — Just in the nick of time for Independence Day, PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer has won its tenth consecutive victory at Seltzerland. Seltzerland is a nationally touring press seltzer festival. PRESS was voted the #1 Best Hard Seltzer among more than 10,000 people in 10 cities. This is a testament to its position as the brand that delivers a premium experience and a “flavor-first” philosophy.

Amy Walberg, a mother of two from Midwestern, founded PRESS in 2015. She was frustrated by the lack of quality alcohol seltzers on the market. Amy developed PRESS after trying different flavors in her kitchen and discovering that it was a high-end product made with premium ingredients, global inspiration, and sophisticated flavor pairings. Press seltzer currently comes in eight flavors: Apple Cinnamon (Blackberry Hibiscus), Grapefruit Cardamom; Grapefruit Cardamom and Lime Lemongrass; Lingonberry elderflower, Pear Chamomile. Pineapple Basil, Pomegranate Ginger, and Lime Lemongrass. Press seltzer has a high flavor profile and is the best choice for those who want to drink responsibly. Each seltzer is only 4% ABV.

Amy Walberg, founder and CEO of press seltzer, stated that they are “delighted” to win top taste scores. Since PRESS Seltzer was introduced to the beverage market, we have made it a priority to create delicious and sophisticated flavor profiles.

PRESS is dedicated to seltzer, and focuses solely on producing the best-quality premium alcohol seltzer. PRESS has won the title of #1 Best Hard Seltzer in every Seltzerland competition. Attendees taste over 30+ hard seltzer samples and vote on the winners. Seltzerland took place in the following cities so far: Austin, Scottsdale (Ariz.), Tampa, Atlanta and Charlotte, N.C. Nashville, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and St. Louis. The largest Seltzerland event was held in St. Louis. Press seltzer was also voted the #1 Best Can Design. This is a tribute to the company‚Äôs premium packaging and delicious food. Due to PRESS’s top marks in flavor, PRESS’s website traffic soared by +712% after the Seltzerland events.

Amy stated that Amy’s premium flavors are a reflection of our commitment to the PRESS experience for our customers. It’s been so rewarding to share the first-sip pleasure with newcomers to PRESS and to build our following through these prestigious national Seltzer events.

According to Instacart trends1, alcohol seltzer consumption and sales are expected to rise this Independence Day weekend as per 2020’s trend. Consumers don’t need to decide which brand they want, but can instead enjoy the alcohol seltzer that was voted #1 in 10 major cities across America. Drink responsibly this Fourth of July

What is Press seltzer?

Press Seltzers (formerly PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzers) is an independent, women-owned seltzer company that ranks among the top 10 brands of the U.S. hardseltzer market. Amy Walberg founded the brand in 2015. It has become a national staple in grocery stores and bars. Its unique flavors include blackberry hibiscus and pineapple basil, which are both floral and fruity. You can also choose from fruity or spicy flavors like Blood Orange Chili, Apple Cinnamon, and even Apple Cinnamon. The 4% ABV of press seltzers in each 12-ounce container is lower than other hard seltzers, but industry reports suggest that lighter ABV drinks will continue to grow in popularity as consumers seek healthier alternatives.

What are the flavors of Press Seltzer?

  • The Press Seltzer flavors are: Pineapple Basil and Lingonberry Elderflower.
  • You can buy Press Seltzers in four- and eight-packs or in a 12-pack that includes four flavors.
  • This page contains Press Seltzer Reviews. We will continue to update this page as we review more Press Seltzer varieties.

What are the flavors of Press Seltzer?

  • The Press Seltzer flavors are: Pineapple Basil and Lingonberry Elderflower.
  • You can buy Press Seltzers in four- and eight-packs or in a 12-pack that includes four flavors.
  • This page contains Press Seltzer Reviews. We will continue to update this page as we review more Press Seltzer varieties.

Where can I find a Press Seltzer review?

If you’re looking for Press seltzer reviews, there are many resources that you can check out. Click here to view Seltzer Nation’s Press reviews for select Press Hard Seltzer flavor. You can find information about Grapefruit Cardamom, Pomegranate Ginger and Lime Lemongrass on Seltzer Nation’s site. There are also Press Seltzer Reviews that include more. You can also find reviews for other popular seltzer brands on Seltzer Nation.

Milwaukee Magazine, the hometown magazine where Press was first created in Amy Walberg’s kitchen published a “nearly complete” review of Press flavors. The reviewers offered suggestions for how to spice up certain flavors, such as adding fireball to a can Apple Cinnamon-flavored Press.

Is Press seltzer gluten-free?

Press is made with a malt base, which means that it cannot be gluten-free. However, most of the gluten is removed during the brewing process. According to the company’s website Press seltzers go through a multi-stage carbon filter process to create a malt base. The website says that this handcrafted process naturally removes gluten from products by filtration. Press seltzer does not contain gluten in its entirety, as it contains a malt base. Press seltzer is not “gluten-free” because it has a low gluten content.


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