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5 Unexpected Benefits to Bringing Indoor Playground

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to fit playtime into busy schedules. Many children spend a lot of their day on the iPad or watching TV. To stimulate imagination, encourage physical activity and develop social skills, it’s important for children to get out of the house. Indoor play centres are a great option for this. Find out the top reasons to bring your kids to an indoor playground and why Planet Mino is Sydney’s best indoor playground!¬† Indoor Playground Enjoy Play Time Like Nowhere Else

A variety of play structures will keep kids entertained 

Indoor playgrounds offer a new dimension of play for children! Children will be more engaged if you change up the way that you play. There’s no need to bore your children by playing with the same toys repeatedly. Regular visits to Planet Mino are a great way for kids to have fun and keep their playtime interesting. Children will be more engaged, active, and eager to learn and play.

A trip to Planet Mino is a great way to celebrate an important event, accomplishment, or family moment. For the little ones, we even have a designated area for toddlers so they can all have fun.

  1. A variety of play structures will keep kids entertained

A big ring indoor camera play center offers so much more than just play time in the park or at home. They will never be bored, no matter what their interests are. Planet Mino has the best indoor playground for kids in Sydney. It offers a variety of equipment, including slides, climbing structures, ball pits and slides, climbing wall, indoor tennis trampoline and rope canopy, as well as a volcano slide.

  1. Unstructured kids play strengthens cognitive skills indoor playground

It is rare that children are allowed to freely play in daily life. Our soft play center is the ideal place for your children to have fun and create new memories.

Indoor playgrounds allow children to play in an unstructured way, which provides mental and physical stimulation for their little ones in a safe environment. Children can explore, imagine, and create in a variety of play areas, which encourages creativity and imagination. This is beneficial for brain development and long-term cognitive skills.

  1. Make sure your kids get enough physical activity

Your kids shouldn’t be hampered by the weather. Young children need to be active at least once a week for their growth and development. Indoor playgrounds offer the opportunity to exercise even in extreme heat or rain. Even on the hottest days, our air-conditioned facility will keep you cool.

The indoor playground offers a wide variety of challenges that will keep children active. Our interactive game wall keeps kids entertained and moving around. The Planet Mino ball pit allows you to fight zombies, catch and attack aliens.

  1. Interacting with other kids develops social skills

It is important to keep your children in touch with other children throughout their development. Growing up is all about making new friends and learning to play with other children. The downstairs toy area provides a great environment for children to make friends, share ideas, solve problems and play together.

Planet Mino is a great spot to host family get-togethers, friends, and classmates. There are many ways to interact with children in our play areas, such as playing tag in the buying playground and hosting a tea party at the kitchen roleplay area. Planet Mino cafe is a great place to meet up with other adults while the children play in the Math Playground . Planet Mino is the ideal place to have play dates!

  1. Enjoy Fun in a Safe Environment

Safety was the main focus of all purpose-built equipment. Our soft play equipment is safe and allows you to have fun. You can have a cup of coffee or eat in our cafe while your child is playing. Our large indoor playground is located right next to our cafe seating area. You can enjoy playtime and be assured that your child is safe.

Planet Mino’s play equipment is child-friendly and well-maintained. Planet Mino takes safety and health seriously, so all surfaces are cleaned daily. It’s all about having fun.

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