We all have heard of Cyberpunk and Steampunk. The distinctive styles and bold images of Cyberpunk have distinguished those who are willing to break with the status quo. Cyberpunk is one of the most recognizable subcultures, thanks to blockbuster movies such as Blade Runner 2047, and the new blockbuster Cyberpunk 2077. These movements gained prominence in the 1980s, and they are still felt today. But, the 21st century has brought about a new subculture: Solarpunk Fashion.

Solarpunk Fashion was born from anti-establishment

Solarpunk Fashion, like all punk cultures, was born from anti-establishment sentiment. At its core, the movement is focused on sustainability and the environment. Its name derives from the potential for solar power to be a source of renewable and sustainable energy. Solar energy is now the most popular form of renewable energy. Solarpunk Fashion’s optimism about a world where people live in harmony and not destroy it, is what Solarpunk Fashion is all about. The movement doesn’t believe in doom and despair, but instead envisions a utopian society. Solarpunk Fashions believes in hope, despite the horrors that we see every day on the news.

Writes: “We are starving for visions for the future that will sustain and give us hope for, ideas for life beyond the rusted Chrome of yestermorrow, or nightmare realms in which radiated man eat the flesh of other radioated men.”

This movement’s main focus is on finding sustainable solutions and not imagining a terrifying future. Solarpunk Fashion’s goal to create a healthier planet is not the same as how we live now. But it may be different than what you think. Solarpunk Fashion is not focusing on the doom and gloom that could be in the future, which can only lead to unproductive panic. Instead, it focuses on finding solutions. New York’s Solarpunk Fashion featured a clock that was programmed to count down the days until climate change impacts reached a point of no returns for humanity. Although it didn’t lead to any direct changes, it was a major news story. The revelation caused a storm for and against such an obvious display of the unavoidable. Maybe all that energy could have brought about environmental change.

Solarpunk Fashion has created a community that aims to turn all the negative energy into positive solutions for a better planet. All things Solarpunk Fashion reflect this beautiful, new, sustainable and egalitarian vision of the world. This includes clothes, architecture and music, as well as politics, technology and community.

Solarpunk Fashion Aesthetic

If you ask anyone who is familiar with punk culture, they will tell you that its most important characteristic is its distinctive imagery. While ideology can get lost in the noise of the internet, aesthetics are able to draw and keep the attention of the masses. Visuals are more important than ever, as our attention spans get shorter and faster with technology.`

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