Here are the Best Senior Pool Exercises


Benefits of Senior Pool Exercises

1. The Impact of pool exercises is low

Water workouts are not only for seniors. Water workouts are great for anyone who suffers from joint pain or is just starting to exercise again after a break.

2. However, it offers additional resistance

Low-impact does not necessarily mean low intensity. The water acts as a natural resistance to your moves. Water resistance can be up to 42 times stronger than land. This makes a pool or body water an ideal weight training tool. Water, however, is resistant to all directions, unlike machines.

3. Burns Mega Calories

The water resistance makes it more difficult to perform the same movement on land than in water.

Pool exercise is more effective than any land exercise for seniors who do the same activities (walking, etc.). Water workouts combine cardio with strength movements, which is a plus because it helps you lose weight.

4. Builds Cardio Endurance

Water workouts will not only tone your muscles, but also improve your cardio endurance. Cooler water speeds up blood circulation to heat you up. Water aerobics is great for seniors because it improves cardiovascular endurance.

5. Flexibility makes you more flexible

Your muscles will naturally stretch out when water moves through your body. Water workouts can be beneficial for anyone who isn’t naturally flexible, has limited mobility due to arthritis or other conditions.

Water Aerobics Equipment

It can be very helpful to use water aerobics equipment when doing water exercises. These are some of our favorites for pool workouts.

Resistance Band

A resistance band is an excellent piece of equipment for water aerobics. A resistance band is a great piece of equipment for water aerobics. SPRI’s Xertube ($15) is my favorite.

Water weights

Water weights or pool weights are dumbbells made to be used in water. These dumbbells can be used in the same way as regular strength training dumbbells. For great strength-building exercises, you can do bicep curls and flyers as well as shoulder shrugs and lateral raises in the pool with weights.

Waterproof Watch/Timer

A waterproof timer or water meter is another piece of equipment that you can use for pool aerobics. Pool exercises for seniors are timed so it is convenient to have a waterproof water or timer that can count.

For seniors, a 30-minute pool workout

You now know all the incredible benefits of exercising in the water, and you have some water aerobic equipment. Now it’s time for this 30-minute pool exercise for seniors to burn fat and build muscle.

What you’ll need:

A pool or other water source where you can sit in chest-deep water

A resistance band

Waterproof watches, timers, and heart-rate monitors to set time.

Begin by swimming or treading water for a 2 minute warm-up.

Each circuit should be repeated three times.

Do 1 minute of each cardio move between each circuit (included in the full Prevention.com workout)

Do 1 minute of full body stretching to cool down.


  1. Tick-Tock with Upright Row
  2. Squats to Overhead Shoulder Press


  1. Chest Fly
  2. Overhead Pull with Knee Lift

For seniors, no-equipment pool workout

You don’t need a resistance band or want to do another pool workout in order to make some savings for a sunny day. The following pool workout is for seniors and requires no equipment. You can also watch a water aerobics video to learn each move.

How to:

As indicated below, perform the required number of reps or time as directed. For a strong workout, repeat the steps 2 to 3 times.

Exercise #1: Twisters

Stand with your feet together.

Jump, tuck your knees under your chest, and then twist towards the other side.

Jump in the middle and turn to the opposite side using the same motion.

Continue to jump and twist your knees towards the opposite side. Use the core and oblique muscles to bring your knees in the chest.

This move should be performed for 30 seconds. You can take a 30-second break and then repeat the move 3 times. Important to remember that swimming in a pool has low impact. It doesn’t cause the same damage to your joints as on land.

Exercise 2: Core Rotators

In a half-squat position, place your feet slightly wider than your hips apart.

Spread your arms long out in front of yourself and press the palms together.

Use the obliques to turn to one side, and twist the arms across your body.

Turn your obliques to the opposite side and push against the resistance of the water by bending your arms.

To strengthen the core, rotate side to side for 30 second. Take a 30-second break and then repeat 3 times.

Exercise #3: Leg Lifts

Begin by getting into the corner.

Place your upper body on the ledge, outside the pool.

Press your entire back against the wall.

To lift your legs up and down, use your core strength and upper body.

For 30 seconds, lift and lower your legs. You can rest for 30 seconds, then repeat the process 3 times. The pool will create resistance when you lower your legs and lift them back up.