How to carve a pumkin that will look amazing?


How to carve a pumkin that will look amazing for the entire Halloween season

The best part of Halloween is picking out the pumkin and decorating them. You can keep it simple and use triangles for your eyes, nose, and teeth. Or you can go more artistic (glitter anyone?). A glowing jack-o-lantern is a great Halloween tradition.

However, carving a pumkin can be much more difficult and messy than you think, regardless of whether or not you are a skilled artist. You could also opt for a non-carve or painted pumkin. There is nothing more satisfying than making your own Halloween jack-o-lantern.

We asked experts to share their top carving tips so you can create the pumkin of dreams.

These pros can help you bring your Jack-o’-lantern life, from where to cut to how to hold your pumkin as you carve, to the best way to use your scraps, and much more. For more inspiration, see our top pumkin carving tips.

You want one that is fresh, has a strong stem, no bruises and a flat bottom to ensure it doesn’t roll as you carve.

Tip 1. Do not cut from the top, but the bottom.

  1. Michael Natiello is a pumkin carver and the creative director of The Great Jack-o’-Lantern Blaze. He says that cutting the “lid” off the bottom of the pumkin prevents the sides from settling later.
  2. It won’t fall inside the pumkin if you place it back on top. This can be done with a boning knife.
  3. A special “claw”, which is used for pumkin gutting can be purchased, or an ice cream scoop. To make it easier to penetrate the shell, thin the inner wall of your “face” to 1 1/4 inches thick.
  4. Natiello suggests that you draw the jack-o-lantern’s face and tape it to your pumkin. Then, use a pencil or fork to make the marks you wish to carve. You can also save your creativity by purchasing a pumkin carving set, which includes a marker, scraper and cutting tools.

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