Fashion Sketchbook: A Comprehensive Guide


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Imagine a fashion designer at work. You might picture a woman in black sketching in a notebook. Fashion sketching isn’t just for Donna Karans. It can be fun for anyone, and it can help you elevate your sewing skills. There are many fashion sketchbook now available. Today I will show you how to use them in your own home sewing and what to look out for when choosing one.

What are Fashion Sketchbook?

A fashion sketchbook can be anything you use to draw ideas for clothes. The key feature of most sketchbooks that are specially designed is the inclusion of croquis.

You’ve probably tried freehand drawing a person. Most fashion sketchbooks, though not all, print the croquis in light colors or with faint dots to avoid confusing images. You can find more information about different approaches to sketchbooks below. You’ll be able to draw a garment proportionally and the croquis will disappear into the background. This will give you a professional-looking image.

Fashion sketchbooks have the advantage of being easy to draw. You can use the croquis to draw your design and then mark your seam lines and details.

Fashion Sketchbook: How to Use It?

These books can be used in many different ways. Here are some of the most popular:

Capturing Inspiration and Planning Outfits

Have you ever seen someone in a stunning outfit and thought, “Oh, I must copy that!” before quickly forgetting?

Yes, I do.

It’s a great idea to always have a small sketchbook with you, as inspiration can strike at any moment. It doesn’t matter if you see a fashionable woman in the subway or a dress displayed in a fancy shop window, it is important to capture your ideas as soon as possible. You can either focus on a single item of clothing or try to capture the idea for an entire outfit.

You may get many ideas from fabric shopping. By sketching quickly, you can capture these ideas so that you can recall your original intent when you pull something out of your stash.

It can be difficult to recall all of your planned projects or to decide what next steps to take if you have too many. You can make a list of your ideas and create a plan by sketching them out.


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