Top 8 Fitness Tips


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Craig Ramsay has transformed A-listers, from Broadway to Hollywood. His top tips for getting fit are whether you’re a newbie or an avid gym goer.

  1. Let the good times roll. You can have fun and exercise longer. Turn up the music and dance like no one is watching. Learn pole-dancing or Zumba. Play tag with your children.
  2. Get social. Social media can help you stay motivated and on track. You can share your fitness goals via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Ramsay states, “You’ll be amazed at how many people help.” They will support you and offer tips to help you avoid missing a workout.
  3. The world is your gym. Stretch in the grocery store. Ballet moves while you pump gas. Use the stairs. Do you find yourself sitting in traffic? Release your lower abdominals and squeeze. Ramsay states, “You’ll be surprised at how much core strength you can develop while driving.”
  4. Get motivated. Positive self-talk is a great way to boost your motivation. Take a look in the mirror to see how strong your muscles appear. Applaud yourself for getting fit. Recognize your achievements.
  5. Break down your workouts. Break down long workouts if you are afraid of them. Ramsay suggests that you take five minutes here and five minutes there. It all adds up. Stretch for 10 minutes before you take your morning shower. Walk for 20 minutes at lunch. While you wait for the pasta water to boil, lift weights.
  6. Stretch. Stretching makes you more flexible and relieves muscle tension. It also improves your posture. Ramsay also says that it helps you tune into your body. You don’t have the time? No problem. No problem. You can stretch while you watch TV or lie in bed.
  7. Sports drinks are not to be trusted. He says, “Unless you are a pro athlete, they are not necessary.” It’s something I see all the time in the gym. Sports drinks have a lot of calories. Instead, try water with lemon.
  8. For fast results, combine cardio and weight resistance. Ramsay says, “I combine cardio and resistance training for my celebrity clients who require quick results.” Do 30-second sets of overhead tricep extensions and bicep curls while you pedal on the exercise bike. While you are walking on the treadmill, add bursts to your shoulder press.

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