Naruto Headband: Leaf Village Ninja Craft DIY


All the Anime series that I let my kids watch are a huge hit with them. Naruto headband is my favourite Anime show right now. Have you seen it? You know the importance of the Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Headband. This is an easy DIY project that will make you look great in the Naruto cosplay world.

This is the hidden leaf village emblem it seems like a bird head…but my teen/tween assured me that it is actually a leaf.

Blue knit Naruto Headband Fabric (we used an old t-shirt purchased at the dollar store) 

  • Scraps of leather
  • Black Fashion Dimensional paint
  • Leather Punch (or Hobby knife)

Start by trimming your leather so that it fits across the wearer’s head. The measurement we used was 5.5×2.5 inches. The smaller sides should be rounded.

Second, make three holes along the edges. You will need one in the center, one at the top and one in the bottom corners naruto headband.

Use the Rub n Buff again to make the leather shiny

  • Apply the rub-on and wipe off with a towel. I love Rub ‘n Buff!
  • Apply the rub-on and wipe off with a towel. I love Rub ‘n Buff!
  • Find the middle of the blue headband, and place the leather piece on it.

Push the brads through leather.

  • You can also cut tiny X-shaped shapes with a hobby knife if you don’t own a leather punch.
  • Next, press the brads through your t-shirt’s headband. Finally, press the brad ends down tightly.
  • It’s here the Hidden Leaf Village logo
  • Draw a line in the middle of the leather with a sharpie pen.
  • Next, use the dimensional fabric paint to trace the outline using a bit of puff paint.
  • This emblem is perfect for the perfect ninja helmet. I’m sure the Hokage would be proud.

In a future post, I will show you how to make the Naruto headband costume. But for now, you can make the Ninja headband!

The leather is beautiful. Most Naruto knock-off headbands don’t conform to the head and are made of metal. This is the best way for cosplay pieces to be perfect.

Also great for Sasuke Naruto headband

The Naruto anime headband is one the most popular in pop culture. It has approximately 500 episodes and a sequel, which was originally published as a manga in 2016. Now it is an anime. With his distinctive yellow hair and bright orange jumpsuit, Naruto has been a beloved main character.

The Naruto headband features many characters with unique designs. It’s no surprise that cosplayers have recreated the characters from the show. While some cosplayers spend hours creating the look from the show’s characters, others simply order or collect existing clothing. Low Cost Cosplay takes it one step further by using everyday items to create photos of Naruto’s characters.

Anucha “Cha” Saengchart is known online as the “low-cost cosplay guy”. He creates budget cosplays from items he finds around the house, then assembles them in a 3-step tutorial via his social media. Cone chips are his favorite hairstyle. He has cosplayed many Naruto characters.

Cha also cosplayed Kakashi and other famous characters by creating his hair from straws, then using the straws to prop Kakashi’s Chidori move. He completes the look with a bit of duct tape as a headband and dark clothing.

You might be wrong if you believe he only cosplays the main characters. Cha has cosplayed many Akatsuki characters, such as Deidara or Tobi. We think that the Tobi one is the best because of the clever use of two hoodies.

You can join the anime fun! Join the ReedPop Discord to share your Naruto Headband Cosplays in our #cosplay Showcase on Saturday, April 3, for a chance at being featured on our social media channels and website as well as our newsletter.

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