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Makoto claims to be an ordinary person to the point of feeling insecure. Makoto does acknowledge that he has one distinctive feature: his unique sense for optimism. Makoto Naegi is kind, forgiving and supportive, but he can be a bit naive at times. He is polite, friendly and much more down-to earth than the other students. This could explain why he is able to approach and make friends with even the most difficult of his classmates in Free Time.

Makoto Naegi as a “Herbivore” man

Junko refers to Makoto Naegi as a “herbivore” man, which means that he is more likely to be passive in a relationship. This is reinforced in his conversations with other people. He can be a little pushy and a bit jumpy sometimes. Despite his meeker traits, he can be a charismatic and determined speaker.

Makoto Naegi believes in hope and has a positive outlook on the future, no matter what the current situation. He is also a peace-keeper, believing that violence is not the solution. He doesn’t like despair and believes it is a negative emotion that can corrupt the world. However, he is forgiving of those who are in despair and considers them Junko victims and not intrinsically evil.

Junko Enoshima is the True Ultimate Despair, and Makoto Naegi seems to be the only one he really dislikes. He regards her as his enemy and blames Junko Enoshima’s avatar, Monokuma for the deaths his friends in the Killing Game. He felt that she wasn’t worthy of death and tried to talk to her while she was about to kill herself. Junko refused her advice and executed herself anyway.

Many people consider Makoto the Ultimate Hope. However, he is humbled and embarrassed by the title. Danganronpa Zero mentions that Makoto is strong inside, even though he appears weaker outside. He is shown to be able to give hope to others in difficult times and change their thinking. However, this is not always true as some people are unwilling to listen or do not agree with his ideas.

Talents and Abilities Makoto Naegi

Makoto Naegi was born with the talent of the Ultimate Lucky Students after he won a lottery from completely normal students. This led him to join Hope’s Peak Academy and become the Ultimate Lucky student. He was also caught in a bizarre sequence of events that occurred on the day of his selection. The result was that he was able to capture a jewel thief, and burn the selection ticket. Just before Makoto can be executed, Alter Ego appears, opening a door on the ground and preventing Makoto Naegi’s death. Kyoko rescues him and he defeats Junko to save his life.

Makoto’s luck is also a factor in saving him from many dangerous situations during the Final Killing Game. Although his luck is not as strong as that of his predecessor or Izuru kamukura, it is still a different luck pattern than those two. Junko is unable to predict and analyze this and other luck patterns. Junko saw that he could ruin her perfect layout plan and Junko agreed to let him live for the Killing School Life.

Ultimate Hope

During the sixth and final trial in the Killing School Life, Makoto realizes that he is the Ultimate Hope. Contrary to most talents, Makoto is not the Ultimate Hope. He was awarded this title for defeating Junko the True Ultimate Despair. Makoto Naegi also comments on Makoto’s Ultimate Hope, unlike Izuru Kamukura whose Ultimate Hope is derived from his talent.

Makoto Naegi, the Ultimate Hope, proves to be immune to Junko’s tactics designed to cause despair. Junko’s inability to understand Junko’s luck makes it difficult for him to stay alive. Defying her would lead to despair. After falling into despair at the state of the world, Makoto’s talents helped him defeat her. Makoto can also convince others to believe in him by simply sharing his hope with them. The surviving players of the game were filled with hope and decided to leave the academy to see the world. Makoto Naegi, one of the Despair Sisters in Danganronpa IF convinced Mukuro IIkusaba to see the world beyond Junko’s plans to spread despair everywhere.

Makoto was even encouraged multiple times by his own hope, thanks to his friends. Makoto starts to feel helpless after learning that Kazuo Tengan was murdered by Kyosuke Kunakata. Aoi and Miaya Gekkogahara, controlled by Monaca towa, were able to lift Makoto’s spirits, telling him that he had given them hope, and that they are willing to take on his burden. Kyoko later tells Makoto to not lose hope and that she will always be there for him even if his power fails. Makoto used Kyoko’s and his hope to convince Kyosuke that he could use their hope to combine their hopes.

Makoto believes hope is infectious. Makoto believed that hope is infectious. His efforts in defeating Junko and protecting the Remnants of Despair within the Neo World Program and his firm ideals and optimism ultimately proved fruitful. He was able to overcome all his despairs at the conclusion of Hope’s Peak Series.

Makoto, who appears to be younger than he actually is, begins the Killing School Life: Trigger Happy Havoc. Two years of his childhood have been erased from his memory. He is significantly shorter than most of his classmates. His brown hair is spiky and desaturated with a prominent ahoge. He also has washed-out hazel eye. He is wearing black jeans and a zipped-up, dull green hoodie, with a red stripe down the zipper. A black jacket with gold buttons and open black sneakers with white toes complete his look.

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