Ten Benefits of Dating a “Girly Fashion”Model


After having a wonderful conversation with a fashion editor, I was curious about “what it’s like to date a Girly Fashion?”. You don’t have to worry about all the things that celebrities do, but you can be like Kanye West to enjoy a relationship with a Girly Fashion. This 10 Reasons to Date a Girly Fashion Story was discovered by me during the course of my research. It was published over 12 months ago. I thought I’d share my thoughts about dating a Girly Fashion

  1. Girly Fashion will never make you feel embarrassed again. She will make sure that you are in your best fashion sense.
  1. No matter how stressed she is, she doesn’t miss morning aerobics. To keep fit, you have to join her.
  1. Introduce her to your friends and spouses, and you’ll have less to worry. She will beat them all. Her style speaks of elegance, beauty, and intelligence. This earns you respect from your colleagues.
  1. What is it like to date a girly fashion? You should be ready to take selfies wherever you go (and it is never your idea).
  2. She will be loved by her mom and sister-in-law for being fashionable.
  3. Your mom will be able to get along with her in an African setting because she is familiar with the names and colors of all gele types. She also knows how to tie them. Your mom has already accepted her as a member of the family. Fashion is powerful.
  1. You are forced to join Instagram and become an active user even if you don’t enjoy it.
  1. Because most Girly Fashions don’t have the time to cook, you will be able to recommend the best places in town.
  1. Shopping is now easy. You can trust her to do all of the shopping for your convenience.
  1. You may also end up raising fashion children, just like Blue Ivy and baby North West.

The Perks Of Being a Girly Fashion

The best invention since sliced bread is skinny jeans. They would fit perfectly and highlight every curve, holding every jiggle in place. Coco Chanel might be the one to receive the award for inventing something better, the little black dress that can be worn up or down and is perfectly flattering. We could also give the award to the inventor of heels for how they transform an outfit from something ordinary into something extraordinary.

These girly outfits almost always tell a story. Let’s say it’s Monday and you have to go to work. So you choose a burgundy pencil skirt (because Adesua Etomi was in love, so perhaps you should too), and a nude-toned blouse (since you’re in a romantic mood).

You’ll be wearing a black dress with oversized shoulder pads on Tuesday, as your sleazy, disgusting colleague decided to approach you.

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