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Fashion Metro is a local retailer that specializes in Metro. Fashion Metro is a Cato Corporation division. With headquarters in Charlotte NC, the company has over 100 stores across the southeastern United States. The company’s large operations create thousands of jobs across the country.

Facts about working at It’s Fashion

It’s Fashion Metro’s Minimum Age: 16 Years. (How old must you be to work for It’s Fashion Metro?

It’s Fashion Metro Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00am-9:00pm; Sat:11:00am-6:00pm

Available Positions at It’s Fashion Metro: Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Training Manager, Field Manager, District Manager in Training, District Manager, Construction/Store Development Manager, Distribution Center Worker, Merchandiser, Financial Analyst, Accountant, Human Resources Generalist, Loss Prevention Manager, Marketing/Advertising Associate, Merchandise Planning & Allocation Manager

It’s Fashion  Employment Opportunities

Fashion retail refers to the young adult age group as juniors. Fashion Metro stocks clothing that is suitable for both males and women of junior status. There are standard and plus sizes available. Although one must be 18 years old to work for the company, sales associates and managers generally prefer people of the junior age group. Despite having a smaller operation than other Fashion houses in the area, there is still a high turnover rate at company stores. Retail chain requires new staff for peak seasons.

The retailer is well-known for its trendy clothes and accessories. It prefers potential employees who are knowledgeable about Fashion developments and have a flair for dressing. The company has a casual yet fun aesthetic. They stock a variety of merchandise, including overalls, textured jeans and booties as well as novelty clutches. It’s Fashion   is an extension of the company and sells clothing for babies, toddlers and newborns along with apparel that can be found at sister stores.

It’s Fashion Metro Positions and Salary Information

Fashion Metro is an equal opportunity employer. Interested candidates of all races, religions, genders, and so on are welcome to apply. Entry-level and lower-division management positions are the most accessible and easily available in stores. These are some examples of specific jobs:

Sales Associate These sales associates are deeply involved in customer satisfaction. They maintain sales floors and work cash registers. The ideal candidate should be friendly and positive while helping customers. Clients base their opinions on associate attitudes and helpfulness. Sales associates work long hours and require standing for extended periods. The customer-centric position usually pays minimum wage. Store associate duties include maintaining and straightening displays, making sure merchandise is clean and tidy, answering customer questions, suggesting apparel that will fit customer requirements, and managing the point-of-sale area, which includes bagging and processing bank card transactions and cash.


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