7 Best Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss


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Cardio does not have to be scary. Many simple and fun cardio exercises are very effective in burning calories and fat. These seven cardio exercises can help you lose weight.

1. Walking [Burns 300-400 Calories/Hour]

Yes, walking! Walking is the easiest and most accessible exercise. It’s also an excellent way to burn calories.

A leisurely evening walk won’t help your cardio. You need to walk at a moderate pace in order to lose fat. According to Mayo Clinic, regular brisk walks can help you lose fat.

  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Manage and prevent various conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension.
  • Strengthen your bones, muscles and joints
  • You can improve your mood
  • Balance and coordination can be improved

You will reap the greatest benefits if you can walk faster, further, and more often. You can take a walk on the street, hike or use the treadmill at the gym.

2. Running Stairs [Burns 1000 calories/hour]

You will find that a simple flight of stairs can be your favorite exercise tool. A flight of stairs can be walked, sprinted, or lunged up. This will help you burn a lot of calories. Running up stairs for half an hour by a 150-lb person can burn over 1000 calories.

You don’t need to run up and down stairs for an hour to reap the benefits. A 160-pound person will burn 102 calories by walking up and down stairs for 10 minutes. You can burn 102 calories by walking 10 minutes up and down stairs. You can also do a cross-training session in just 30 minutes and still burn more calories than regular running.

Find an outdoor staircase with multiple flights near you, or take a stair climber to the gym. You can also walk or run up stairs from your own home for a home workout.

3. Kettlebells [Burns 800-900 calories/hour]

A kettlebell is a weighted cannonball that creates a powerful and effective workout. Kettlebell exercises combine cardio with strength training and can burn as many calories as running a 6 minute mile. This is how you get the most out of your workouts!

The American Council on Exercise states that kettlebells can offer a more intense workout than traditional strength training in a shorter time. Kettlebell training is a great way to increase cardio endurance, build muscle strength, balance, flexibility, and improve your overall cardiovascular endurance.

4. Jumping Rope [Burns 600 Calories/Hour]

Jumping rope is one of the most effective cardio exercises to lose weight. Jumping rope is not only a great cardio exercise, but it also helps to build bone density and strengthen your legs. It can also help your heart beat faster.

Fun fact: To burn more calories, you would have to run eight minutes to lose as much as you could by jumping rope. This exercise has a lower impact than running if it is done properly.

Plyometrics can also be done by jumping rope, which is a form of plyometrics where the feet are elevated above the ground. Plyometrics can get your heart pumping, and help you burn calories fast and efficiently. Exercises like:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Split jumps
  • Box jumping (you can do it on any step or safe elevated platform).

5. High-Intensity Interval training (HIIT), [Burns 600 calories/hour]

HIIT was once used only to train elite athletes. Now it is mainstream and can be incorporated in many workout routines.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a type if workout that requires you to exert maximum effort in short, intense bursts followed by short recovery times. HIIT training conditions both your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. This type of exercise increases your heart rate and helps you lose more calories and fat in a shorter time.

This type of training can include running, swimming and cycling as well as weight lifting. The majority of programs require you to push for 20-30 seconds with a 10-20 second break in between. A lack of time doesn’t mean you can’t do HIIT. A 20-minute session is better at burning calories than a 60 minute jog.

6. Cycling [Burns 600 Calories/Hour]

Do you remember when riding your bike as a child was the most exciting part of your day? It’s also great for adults!

Cycling is a low-impact activity that can improve your heart health, strengthen your legs, and help you burn calories. You can also get fresh air and vitamin D from outdoor cycling.

Not everyone is comfortable riding outside, or can afford a new bike. Indoor cycling is a great option if this is the case. According to the American Council of Sports Medicine, an average person can burn between 400 and 600 calories per 45-minute class.

7. Rowing [Burns 500-600 Calories/Hour]

Rowing is a full body exercise that targets the hamstrings, quads and glutes. Rowing has many cardio benefits. Harvard Health Studies states that rowing can burn between 250 and 300 calories per 30-minute session.

These cardio workouts can help you lose weight, improve your heart health, and accelerate your weight loss. It’s a powerful combination that will leave you feeling strong, fit, and lean if combined with strength training.

Cardio exercise has many benefits

  • Cardio exercise can help you burn fat, but there are other great benefits to doing cardio.

Maintains a healthy heart: Increasing your heart rate regularly will help keep your heart strong, and reduce your chances of developing heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends that you exercise at least 150 minutes each week, and 75 minutes of vigorous exercise to improve your overall cardiovascular health.

Your mood is lifted: Cardiovascular exercise releases endorphins. These chemicals are responsible for keeping you happy and preventing depression. People often cite starting an exercise program as one of the best things they have done for their mental health. Even a quick walk can make a big difference in your outlook.

Cardio Exercise Boosts Your Immunity: Cardio exercise in all environments can strengthen your immune system, which can help you reduce the risk of getting a bacterial infection or prevent it from happening.

Improves circulation: Cardiovascular exercise helps improve blood circulation. This allows your body to eliminate toxins more effectively and keeps you healthy. Maintaining a healthy circulation can prevent problems like stroke or heart attack in the long-term.

Boosts Your Weight Loss: Finally–cardiovascular exercise helps burn calories, and when it comes to weight loss, calories still matter. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than what you eat. Cardio should be a major part of your weight loss journey.


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